Pete's 1940 Ford

In 1954 I purchased this truck to tow my 1936 Ford Jalopy to the racetracks, paying only $500. When I purchased the truck, it had a ’49 Olds motor, which I replaced in 1955 with a ’55 Olds motor along with a 4-carb setup. After purchasing it, I decided to do some drag racing and competed in the Hot Pickup class in Half Moon Bay, as well as at the drag strips in Fremont and Lodi. Over the following ten years (1954-64) the truck went through some body modifications and was painted six different times In 1985 the truck was stripped down to its bare frame. I replaced the ’55 Olds motor and transmission with a Chevy 327 and transmission; the truck was apart for the next ten years (1985-95). In 1995 it was finally finished and back on the road. It has been shown at every major show throughout California, winning over a hundred trophies. Plus, it has the distinction of being the most shown vehicle at the Grand National Roaster Show (nine times at five different locations).

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